About Me

Hi, I am Norman Maclean, your Reform Party spokesman for the Luton South Constituency.

I was born in Balham in South London in 1969. My father is a Scottish Highlander and my mother is from Campania, South Italy. We moved to Luton in 1971, to Beech Hill. I attended Downside junior school and then Challney High School for Boys. I attend the Holy Ghost church on Westbourne Rd. Football was my passion as a young boy ,I played every day. playing for several clubs, Downside, St Joseph, Lewsey Farm, Luton Boys Club and when I lived in Germany the local village team in the Bayern league.

On leaving school  I was a YTS apprentice with Wimpey Construction on Toddington road.

I have been a passionate Luton Town Supporter since I can remember, even cleaning the snow off the pitch on occasion!

You’ll still find me on the terraces on a regular basis.

We have a fight on to save Wandon Park,

Luton has so much to offer and with the new stadium, investment into the town centre & the new rail link to the airport opening in the near future.

Luton has a diverse community, that gets on very well with each other and I would be honoured and proud to represent your interests in Parliament.