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Why I stopped Voting Labour Hi Growing up under a Margret Thatcher was no fun at all. High unemployment, Riots on the streets of Luton, I listened to the Labour party and believed they had the answers the country desperately needed,

House of Commons Reform We will restore integrity back to the House of Commons. Too many MPs have vested interests, second jobs, directorships and are influenced by lobbyists and their paymasters. No man can have two masters. MPs primary concern should always be their constituents.

Civil Service Reform The civil service is in need of reform. Have you ever noticed that whoever gets into power. nothing significant seems to change. Many in the civil service appear to have their own agenda which is implemented regardless of the wishes of the public. We will reform the civil service and make them […]

House of Lords Reform The House of Lords is little more than a reward process for politicians, activists and lobbyists. We need to reform the House of Lords so it is an elected second chamber that reflects the nation. The House of Lords is massively bloated with far more Lords than we have MPs.

BBC Reform National broadcasters, funded by compulsory public taxes need to be completely impartial. This has proved to be impossible for the BBC to achieve or accept and it is time for the funding model for the BBC to change. It is unfair on the many millions of people who do not consume BBC content […]

Democracy Democracy is at risk. We have an unelected Prime Minister, forced upon us, taking the country in a direction no one voted for. Freedom of speech and freedom of choice are the cornerstones of our democratic country. If we don’t defend them against the inch by inch erosion of our civil liberties then who […]

Foreign Policy We give foreign aid to countries with a space program. Where is our space program? Maybe we could afford our own space program if we didn’t keep handing out our taxpayers money to countries that clearly don’t need it. We need to cut our foreign aid spending currently running at £14 billion a […]

Transport Smart motorways are dangerous, HS2 is a massive waste of money, our roads are in disrepair and the only thing we see is higher car taxes, more cameras, higher fuel costs and low emission zones that further penalise working people. Our transport policy isn’t working. For all our efforts to penalise motorists and slow […]

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